We select the best talent to reduce the time and effort between hiring and results

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All seeders were carefully validated by our team

An independent professional applies to our community.

We interview and evaluate each talent to better understand their skills, experience and interests.

The seeder joins our community, where he is continuously trained and evaluated in each project.

Our selection process considers key aspects of each professional

What companies did you work with? What jobs did you do with that company?

Hard skills and previous experience


Personality and individual qualities

Continuous evaluation

We receive feedback from our clients in order to feed back into the matchmaking algorithm and to be able to find the best profile for each project

Seeders are part of a living community that collaborates, learns and grows.

Constant collaboration

We share every day through Slack. Interesting exchanges are generated that empower each member of the community.

Strategic Alliances

We offer benefits to our seeders to meet the challenges of being independent professionals.

Lifelong learning

Access to expert talks, networking events and learning platforms In our community we value that seeders learn every day.

Exciting projects

The seeders choose the companies and projects they would like to work on, so that each one is an interesting adventure to solve.

Meet our community

Technology, design and business professionals ready to make an impact



Business Consultant

Business Project Manager

Financial Consultant

Fundraising Consultant

Market Research Analyst

M&A Consultant

Tech & Data

Tech & Data

Back-End Developer

Front-End Developer

Full-Stack Developer

IT Project Manager

Data Engineer

Data Scientist


Mobile Developer

QA Analyst

Design & Product

Design & Product

Product Designer

Product Manager

Product Owner

UX/UI Designer

UX Researcher

Transformation & Culture

Agile Project Manager

Change Management Project Manager

Culture Transformation Analyst

Innovation Project Manager

SCRUM Master


Supply Chain Specialist

Operations Project Manager

Operational Excellence Consultant

HR Consultant

Sales & Marketing

CX Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist

Growth Hacker

Pricing / Revenue Analyst

SEO/SEM Expert

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