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We offer you the possibility to work on-demand
without neglecting your professional career.


By roles, skills, experience, education and interests


Pre-filter according to competencies and profiles to be developed

Technical and cultural validation

Evaluations and interviews

Acceptance as Seeder

Access to the community and challenging projects

Our Solution

We offer you to be part of a communitythat participates
actively, while you become the
master of your time
and your professional career, working on-demand for the
most important companies in the world.

On-demand jobs

We match your skills with the company’s needs to find the ideal on-demand job for you.

There are no borders

We offer flexibility, so that you can choose how to work: your commitment is the most important factor.

On time payments

We take care of the payments, you take care of the work. Our collection department takes care of everything, you receive your payment when it is due.

Top customers

Leading companies in Latam and the world trust us. We offer you a wide range of possibilities to work remotely in the number 1 companies.

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Our proposal

There are many ways to work, but none
like being a seeder.


- Seeds brings customers and projects closer to you.

- They generate long-term impact on the companies they work with.

- We negotiate a competitive salary.

- Your talent is already validated.

- They are part of a community.

- They work for the best companies in the world.

- Fees arrive in a timely manner.


- They have to find their own customers.

- They work for short and medium-term projects.

- They must constantly negotiate the fee.

- They have to validate their talent in front of the customer.

- They generally work alone.

- They usually work for several clients at the same time.

- They depend on their customers' bureaucratic processes and payment times.

What our seeders say

Rosario Buela

Business Consultant

"I like being part of Seeds because I identify with the values and purpose of improving people's lives from my profession."

Juan Manuel Esnal

Change Management Leader

"This is my second project as a Seeder. I am part of the community since day 0 and I am very proud to be a member. The support and accompaniment they provide to the seeders is total".

Ariel Musso

Supply Chain Specialist

"A few years ago, I dreamed of a world where people provide services to help companies with their problems. Today, 5 years later, what I thought exists, and I see it at Seeds."

Valeria Sierra

Project Manager

"In Seeds I saw the opportunity to find a new way of working that is compatible with the lifestyle I want to have and the type of career I want to build. The modality they propose at Seeds makes the experience of working super enriching for my training."

Our Talent Hubs
Our technology, design, operations, people, sales, marketing and business experts are ready to make an impact.

Our experts will help you create the best industrial, manufacturing, production and supply chain processes.

Design & Product

Our experts will help you create product design strategies, UX/UI and design and/or product improvements needed.

Tech & Data

Our experts will assist you in managing the development of technological products.


Our business experts will improve your organization's processes and management.

People & Culture

Our experts will optimize your company's digital, operational and cultural transformation processes .

Sales & Marketing

Our sales and marketing experts will help you execute the sales and marketing strategy your organization needs.

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