Menara 3.0: Adapting the organisation to the future

Business + Transformation & Culture

Summary of the project


Phase 1: 

  • 1 HR Consultant
  • 1 Business Consultant

Phases 2 and 3:

  • 1 Business Project Manager
  • 1 HR Consultant
  • 1 Operational Excellence Consultant


Phase 1: 6 weeks

Phase 2: 4 months

Phase 3: 4 months


Initial survey and diagnosis:

  • Current Organizational Structure
  • Process mapping
  • Identification of improvement opportunities

Implementation of prioritized initiatives:

  • Process improvement
  • Organizational restructuring

About the challenge

Menara Construcciones is a family business based in the city of Rafaela, Province of Santa Fe, which is part of the Menara Group and has more than 60 years of experience in the construction market.

The growth of the company generated that the internal processes and the organizational structure became outdated with respect to the operation. That is why they contacted us with the objective of improving their administrative processes and defining an organizational structure that would accompany their growth.

Investigating the problem

In order to understand the situation of the company, it was proposed to carry out a deep survey of the company to understand the structure and dynamics of the work.

To achieve this, a team was formed with an HR Consultant, who took over the actual organization chart and a Business Consultant who mapped out the processes. Together they identified more than 70 opportunities for improvement.

"We work hand in hand with Menara's collaborators to be part of the change"

Federico Garcia

Business Project Manager @ Menara

The solution

The solution

Once the survey was completed, a new team was formed to implement the initiatives detected and prioritized during this phase.

A team of 3 people was established:

- Business Project Manager: Role of Coordinator

- HR Consultant: Role of Facilitator

- Operational Excellence Consultant: Facilitator Role

The facilitators worked together with internal company managers to achieve the implementation of the prioritized initiatives. In this way, the company's employees are empowered and accompany the change.

As a result of this work, a new organizational chart was implemented in line with the company's strategic plan, and new administrative processes were implemented that ordered and organized the internal work.

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The impact of our work

"I think Seeds is a link between a problem and its solution. More than a team of interdisciplinary consultants, Seeds is a solution-seeker for complex problems."

Louis Laorden

Sales Manager @ Menara
Rating 10/10

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