We designed the operational strategy for a new B2C channel


Summary of the project


1 Business Consultant


5 monthly sprints


Initial survey and diagnosis

Definition of the operating model

Output of tenders and main aspects agreed with suppliers

Main End-to-End Flows Relieved from the New Operation

List of issues to consider for the new post-MVP operation

About the challenge

Unilever, as a mass consumer company, is used to operating through large distributors, never directly to the customer.

As part of their transformation strategy, they sought to reach the client directly through a digital platform. The big challenge was to redefine the strategy and operating model in order to offer a better experience to the final customer and reach 10,000 orders in the next 2 years.

Investigating the problem

For the testing phase, Unilever was using an e-commerce agency to handle the end-to-end process, however the following insights emerged from the initial survey:

- Poor visibility of stock levels and incorrect management of safety stocks

- Today's e-commerce did not have a large volume of orders and the conversion rate was low.

- It was not clear what the benefit to the consumer was or what the preference was for the delivery model (branch or home)

- Order tracking was not good (4 out of 10 customers made inquiries)

- There were no metrics that reflected the level of customer satisfaction

"From the diagnosis we understood that we had to focus on designing an operational model that aligned with the Value Proposition."

Augustine Shutte

Business Consultant @ Unilever

The solution

The solution

A detailed diagnosis of the main pain points of the current operation was made, and then through benchmarks and analysis of 3 key points (storage, picking and delivery) the optimal model was defined.

From the analysis it emerged that the best model was through logistics operators, so the seeder was responsible for finding, comparing and defining the ideal partner for both storage and delivery.

To achieve this, the seeder worked integrated to the Unilever team, contributing specific knowledge and above all, applying agile methodologies for the development of the tasks. This integration and teamwork with a flexible dynamic allowed to go from the problem to the implemented solution in only 5 months.

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The impact of our work

"I think they bring a lot of value and help to go fast with the business needs"

Ana Fleba

Leader @ Unilever

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