A simple process to integrate the talent you need into your team

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How do we do it?

You tell us about your project and what talent you need.

You submit your job requirements, a community advisor will contact you to fine-tune the final details, before we begin our search.

We found the perfect seeder with the help of our algorithm.

We cross-reference your need with the profile information. According to the functions, experiences and skills sought, the matchmaking algorithm selects the ideal candidate.

The seeder is integrated into your team in a few days.

Once you confirm that you like the talent we choose for you, it is integrated as soon as possible into your team as if it were another employee.
We have an onboarding process that allows you not to forget any detail so that the person is ready to work.

We coordinate billing and follow up.

From Seeds we will be following the project, giving administrative support and collecting your feedback to guarantee your satisfaction.

Hiring a seeder is more effective and reliable than other alternatives

Consultants of
Human Resources


Time to find a talent
7 days
1 to 4 months
Several weeks
Recruitment fees
Over $50,000
Quality assurance
Possibility of failure
Very low
Very high
Preselected Talents
Completion costs
Very high

We accompany you all the way

Seeders with exclusive dedication

Exclusive dedication

Seeders only work on one project at a time.

Personalised advice

A Seeds partner dedicated to solving your concerns.

Checkpoints during project progress


We follow the progress of your project with a tool that allows us to anticipate any inconvenience.



We constantly adapt the scope to the evolution of the project.

The seeders are validated professionals, I got results with them.

Know our talent

Leading companies choose us to strengthen their teams

"I would recommend Seeds not only for the quality and commitment of their collaborators but also because they are always looking for organizations to achieve their objectives"

Luis Laorden

Business Development @ Menara Construcciones
"My experience working with Seeds was very good. They are a professional team that can quickly understand the needs for the project and link to the resources that can match those needs.

Mariana Carnese

HR Services Manager @ Unilever
"It is a highly committed and motivated multidisciplinary team to generate value to the client. Seeds is a tool to get additional resources for ad-hoc projects that allow to get out of the "standard" thinking and accelerate the achievement of objectives and projects".

Alfredo Canales

Business Manager @ Coca-Cola
"It was a wonderful experience. The most relevant thing was the work dynamic we managed to put together with the Seeds team together with the Agrosuper team."

Daniel Rodriguez

Assistant Manager Operational Excellence @ Agrosuper

Frequently Asked Questions

How does recruitment work?

To simplify the process, the contractual agreement is made between the customer and Seeds. The customer pays Seeds directly and we then take care of the seeders' payments and contracts.

I like the way a seeder works. Can I hire him directly?

Yes, we will work with you to understand the specific requirements and make an agreement that is beneficial to both your company and the seeder.

How much do I get out of working with Seeds?

The community is composed of talents from different fields and seniority, the price may vary depending on what the client requires in each project since it is composed of what the chosen team quotes plus a fixed mark-up.
We will work with the client to find the team and price according to the need raised.

What if I am not happy with the seeder I chose, can I change it or cancel the project?

Yes, you can do it for free. While we validate all seeders to ensure we have the best talent, we understand that there may be times when it doesn't fit perfectly with the company.
In that case, you can request a change of team or cancellation of the project by giving 2 weeks notice.

Is there an initial charge for requiring a team?

No. You only pay for the work of the team once you give the confirmation of start and according to the agreed commercial conditions.
In general, projects are structured with monthly payments.

Who owns the legal rights to everything worked with Seeds?

The client. Seeds connects companies with a team of talents to realize their projects. The contract we sign establishes that all work created by Seeds is property of the client.
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