#Community Programs
Enhance your network
of contacts and
your expertise

These are

These are our
Community Programs
Seeds Linker

As a #Seedslinker you will be responsible for
coordinating meetings with potential
companies that are part of your network
of professional contacts. The spirit is to
capitalize on the network that each Seeder
built during their working life.

Seeds Referral

You will have access to a unique link to refer candidates who are not yet part of the community, and if they are chosen for a project or join the community, you will be rewarded.

Seeds Expert

You will be responsible for the technical validation of people registered in your field of expertise, through methodologies such as challenges, interviews or technical tests.

Seeds Club

By being part of the community you enjoy exclusive benefits designed to enhance your experience as a Seeder.

Seeds Linker

You can earn up to USD2,000
each contact you refer
from companies that may need
to add on-demand talent to their teams.

Complete the form
to apply as a #Seedlinker.

Refer contacts, companies, that
may be interested in
in Seeds.

We arrange a meeting or a
sale and you receive the profits of the
program in your account.

Become a linker
Seeds Referral

Refer profiles that may be interested in being
part of Seeds or apply for a search and earn USD.

Do you prefer to refer a talent?

As #Seedsreferral you help
more professionals to join this
present of work by offering them the
possibility to start working remotely and flexibly
their professional career.

Start referring
Seeds Expert

If you are an expert in your area you can become a #Seedsexpert and get paid for your expertise. The objective is to ensure the technical fit of each candidate, through knowledge tests and other elements.

Go to the link
and fill in the

Our team at
talent will contact you at

You will receive a payment for
for each technical Fit
you make.

Become an expert
Seeds Geek

If you are a fan of social gatherings and interacting with other people you can become a #seedsgeek and enhance your skills. The objective of the program is to promote networking and generate exclusive spaces on specific topics of interest.

Go to the link
and fill in the

Our team of
talent will contact you at

to meet you.

You receive additional benefits
and payment
for the meetings
you manage.

Become a geek
Seeds Club

A club of benefits designed so that our seeders can save every month. We create alliances with leading companies in their field.

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Join the best community of
talent on-demand and become
the owner of your future.